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Wedding Insurance

Weddings are joyous events that can be marred by unexpected events or unfulfilled commitments. Part of any good wedding preparation is to plan for the unexpected. What happens if a vendor goes out of business before your wedding? What happens if the bride, groom, or parents of the bridal couple can’t get to the wedding site due to weather or transportation shutdown? What if the wedding dress is damaged or the wedding rings are lost? What if you are required to show more liability coverage than you already have? What if the photos are ruined?

Travelers Insurance has just introduced Wedding Protection Insurance. This policy covers all these potential problems, as well as a myriad of others. Starting at less than $200, you can work into your wedding plan a way to recoup lost expenses incurred by having to postpone or cancel a wedding. With the average cost of a wedding at $27,000, both wedding planners and couples should make sure the event has the insurance protection that is needed.

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