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Personal Property Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your refuge, so let us give you peace of mind if there is a disaster. We’ll be certain you get enough coverage to replace you home, without spending more than is necessary. Our Preferred Carriers are Allied, Safeco, Travelers, Clarendon, Fidelity and McGraw. If you have some claims or have a farm, we have stable, admitted carriers that want your business!

Auto, Motorcycle, Recreation Vehicle, and Mobile Home Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

    If you drive, you must have insurance–that’s the law! We can help you find the coverage level and Carrier that is right for you, right now. If your driving record or your credit isn’t at its best, we might quote Viking or Progressive. If you own a home, Allied or Travelers offer discounts when they bundle auto and home together. If your driving record is in good shape, any of these companies, as well as Safeco, might have the best deal for you.

  • Motorcycle Insurance

    Like Auto Insurance, if you ride a motorcycle, you must have insurance. We have a wide range of Carriers who can meet your needs, depending on your driving record, credit and what you want your payment schedule to be – Allied, Foremost, Pacific Specialty, Progressive, and Safeco – one is sure to be right for you.

  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance

    We recognize the investment you have in your RV. Allied, Foremost, Progressive, or Safeco will have a Recreational Vehicle Insurance plan that suits your needs.

  • Mobile Home Insurance

    Mobile Homes or Trailers are often considered the same as Recreational Vehicles, because they could be moved. Also, they devaluate annually instead of appreciate like traditional homes. We have several companies willing to write policies that will cover your Mobile Home and the contents.

Renters Insurance

You are on your own renting a home or apartment. Let us help protect your personal belongings and make sure you have a place to stay if your dwelling becomes uninhabitable. There is inexpensive insurance that will give you peace of mind by carriers such as Allied, Travelers, and Fidelity.

Condo Insurance

A condominium is a happy medium between an apartment and a house. A Condo policy begins where your required Association Policy ends. Association Policies cover anything that is shared, like the roof, outer walls, landscaping, parking lots and fences. A Condo policy covers the interior of the unit you own, from the "skin in". This includes the interior walls, fixtures, and appliances, as well as all your possessions, while a Renter’s policy will only cover your possessions. So, if you own your Condo we could write a policy through Allied, Arrowhead, Fidelity, Safeco, or Travelers.

Boat Insurance

Many people don’t even realize the need for insurance on their boats and other watercraft, but we are aware of all the different requirements. For example, do you have a Homeowners policy or will this be a stand-alone Boat policy? Very small boats might not need their own policy, but just an endorsement on your Homeowners. On the other hand, Jet Skis are treated a lot like motorcycles, and must have a vehicle policy. Most of our preferred companies will write Boater’s policies, whether it’s Allied, Foremost, Progressive, Safeco, or Travelers.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

To protect your assets in case of a claim against you, use a Personal Umbrella policy. Like umbrellas "cover" you more than a rain hat will, an Umbrella policy will "cover" above and beyond your liability for auto or homeowners policies. We use Travelers, Allied, Pacific Specialty, and RLI.

Certain areas of our State are considered to be in flood plains, and so are required to have Flood Insurance as well as Homeowners Insurance. If your property is in one of these plains, we have great carriers. One of these is Fidelity, and they can write the Homeowners policy, also!

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